Vinyl Dumbbells

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Body Solid Vinyl Dumbbells - Pairs
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Troy Barbell Vinyl Dumbbells - Pairs
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York Barbell Vinyl Fitbells - Pairs
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Body Solid Vinyl Dumbbell Rack - RACK ONLY
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Troy Barbell Aerobic Pack- Vinyl Dumbbells - Set
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Manufacturers are giving consumers more choices than ever when it comes to coated dumbbells. Coatings do several things. A coated dumbbell doesn't clank when dropped or set against other dumbbells in a pile. This makes for a quieter workout, and in the home gym it makes for a happier family. Coatings like vinyl dumbbells are also attractive. Home fitness equipment that looks good encourages us to keep up our fitness routine. Vinyl and other coatings also provide a measure of safety because it protects the floor (and can help our feet) if the dumbbells are dropped. It also reduces scuff marks on walls and damage to other equipment in the home gym.

Vinyl dumbbells are available in a wide variety of colors, and the colors have more uses that just looks. Color coded dumbbells make it fast and easy to choose the weight you need to grab for your next exercise. If you wish, solid black models are sleek and good looking in the home gym without being too flashy. Some are designed with women in mind, and others are made with angled heads that don't roll around on the floor and trip us during our workout. Weight racks are a convenient way to stow them out of the floor, and allow you to store more in a small amount of space. When choosing your dumbbells, read the product reviews on websites. This is a great way to find out how other users and owners of the gym equipment like the ones they bought. Product reviews take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the right gym equipment for your home gym.