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Total Gym Exercise Equipment

Total Gym Exercise EquipmentIf you want a complete and total gym, exercise equipment is available to help you design and implement a home gym in virtually any space within most any budget constraints. All gyms, no matter how elaborate, offer three essential components – a method of cardio training, a form of strength training and core strength exercises. Yes, the dozens upon dozens of machines at the local gym all fall under one of these three categories. While the commercial gym may offer several machines and an assortment of gym equipment for each category, as long as you include one component for each of these three categories, you have everything you need for a total home gym. Some gym equipment for the home allows you to complete more than one of these exercises on the same machine, saving limited space as well as money.

One of the most critical pieces of a total gym in exercise equipment terms is a way to get good cardio workouts. Cardiovascular exercise burns fat and elevates the heart rate. This has numerous health and fitness benefits. At least three days per week, but more is better, you should get a minimum of 20 minutes of cardio exercise. Those serious about training should strive for 45 minutes to one hour. You can do this with a treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, etc. Any piece of gym equipment that gets your heart pumping is providing cardio exercise. Elliptical trainers and rowing machines offer a full body workout that also improves strength. Ab exercises can be done in several ways, as well. Crunches and sit ups require only an exercise mat. To up the intensity of core exercises in the abs, include a weight bench that inclines and declines. The tilt helps you set up the weight bench to offer the greatest gravity resistance for training.

There are two general types of strength training, and a total gym with exercise equipment of one of these types is a well rounded gym for a full body workout. Resistance training machines, like complete home gym systems, work with a system of pulleys. The weight is lifted from the resting position, and the muscles must work against the resistance of the weight on the pulley as it is returned to the resting position. The alternative to resistance machines is free weights. Dumbbells and a weight bench are the basic essentials for a free weights training system. Barbells or weighted bars with attachable weight plates are another alternative. With a cardio machine, a way to work the core and ab muscles and a form of strength training, you have a total gym, exercise equipment in place.

Once you determine the machines and gym equipment you want for your home gym, get a training plan in place. A good regimen includes a healthy diet and nutrition plan and a schedule for working out. Start slowly with low intensity and relatively light weights. As your body adjusts to exercise, increase the weights and the intensity of your workouts. If you experience abnormal soreness, chest pains, shortness of breath, light headedness or other strange symptoms, consult your doctor immediately.

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