Tone Fitness Kettlebells

Tone Fitness is a line of workout and exercise equipment produced by Cap Barbell. This is a for ladies only line of fitness equipment, accommodating ladies of any level of fitness from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Tone Fitness kettlebells come in a great range of weights and are very attractive in your home gym. Kettlebells, dumbbells and other Tone Fitness free weights are offered in weight increments from one pound to over 30 pounds. If you are in physical therapy for an injury or have never worked out before, these low weights allow you to start exactly where you are at and gradually progress to meet your personal fitness goals.

Tone Fitness kettlebells are a unique form of weight training equipment. You can get a whole body workout in a fraction of the time as opposed to with dumbbells and most other kinds of free weights workouts. These weights are a great way to loose weight and tone up for special events like prom and your wedding day. They are also excellent for getting that baby weight off and for toning and firming as we age. After the age of 35, our bodies begin loosing muscle mass. Unless we do something active, we begin to put on weight, even if we don't take in any more calories. This is where kettlebells and Tone Fitness come in. By having ladies workout equipment designed and made for us, we can take advantage of these powerful workouts. Gain muscle, loose fat with kettlebells in your home gym.