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The simulation of climbing several flights of stairs at one time or in one session routine is what a person can experience when they use stair steppers. This equipment is great for building and toning legs and thigh muscles. The motion of stair climbing heavily stimulates the lower and upper leg muscles, causing them to grow, strengthen and tone. Stair steppers can be performed anywhere and everywhere, and the equipment for it can also be just as portable for the user. Taking and using the stair steppers anywhere gives the user a quick, fast and honest workout in a limited amount of time.

Imagine climbing 200 flights of stairs at once! In theory, that’s not something you would or could find yourself doing, no matter what. But with a stair stepper, it is possible. This is because the stair stepper simulates the motion of climbing stairs, and you can completely feel the burn from it as if you had actually climbed those stairs literally. However, by condensing the intensity and motions into a machine, users are able to enjoy the same benefits as they would normally. With a standard routine, you can climb roughly 175-200 stair flights within a 60-minute time period, and with minimal to heavy effort.

The stair step machine completely works the lower body while working to keep the back straight but soft. Leaning over or slouching on a stair stepper machine could be harmful and anti-productive, causing you to fall and/or lose your balance. You may also fail to reach your maximum productivity for your workout regimen, therefore it’s far better to not slouch and place yourself at risk.

Exercise stair steppers belong in a category of gym equipment called cardio machines. All of these machines provide ways to get valuable cardiovascular exercise, but each one does it in a very specific way. Stair steppers work the major muscles in the lower body, including the hamstrings, calfs, quads and glutes. It burns approximately 180 to 266 each half hour, depending on how much you weigh. It takes between 6 and 10 hours on a stair stepper to burn one full pound of fat. Stair steppers are excellent weight loss tools, but also provide much more to the mind and body. Exercise boosts your immune system, helping you ward off colds, flu, and other viruses that account for billions of hours in lost work and wages each year. It also helps fight symptoms of anxiety and depression, sometimes allowing patients to reduce or eliminate their need for medication. However, never quit taking prescribed drugs without consulting your doctor.

When working out with a stair stepper, it is important to work the full range of motion. Getting the legs fully up and down is more important than speed. Fire fighters often train using stair steppers, getting their bodies prepared to lug heavy equipment, hoses and sometimes people up stairways in emergency situations. Athletes such as mountain climbers also use exercise by stair steppers to train for the rigors of hauling their bodies up steep mountains and cliffs. Though gym equipment often falls in and out of vogue, stair steppers stay at the top of popularity because it is excellent exercise for both the casual exerciser who wants to shed pounds and tone their lower body as well as athletes and professionals who have very specific training goals. Resist the temptation to lean on the handlebars when exercising. Allow your lower body to do the work and use the bars simply to balance. This gives your legs the best workout and lets you get the most out of the work.

Many stair steppers are compact and portable. These are excellent options for apartments and small homes, people who want a way to work out at their desks during the work day and people who want to take their favorite exercise with them when they travel for business or pleasure. Many people find they can deal with the wonderful food on vacation better when they have a way to work off those extra calories back at the hotel. We can't always choose what we eat when we're away from home, but we can always choose to get good exercise. Larger models are great choices for the home gym or in a room where you have the space to keep it up all of the time. Keeping your exercise equipment in sight helps to motivate you and remind you to keep up your workouts. In the long run, the best piece of exercise equipment is the one you're willing to use regularly. Exercise with stair steppers helps build stamina and tone muscles that tend to sag as we age.

There are tons of ways to achieve a great level of physical fitness. Stair steppers are one of your options, and according to many doctors, trainers and physical therapists, a really good option at that. Steppers offer great exercise for the heart, also strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps and calfs. This is a low impact form of exercise suitable for those with arthritis and injuries to the hips, knees, ankles or lower back. It burns tons of calories, too. In just one hour on a stepper, you can burn between 360 and 532 calories every hour, depending on how much you currently weigh. In a single week, you can easily burn enough calories to work off a full pound of fat.

While stair steppers are great for loosing weight and getting in shape, some professionals use them for very specific training reasons. For example, fire fighters pile on weights and climb on the stepper to train for hoisting fire hoses, heavy equipment and victims up flights of stairs. Mountain climbers and many other athletes use steppers to train for uphill climbs and other rigors. Physical therapists often use steppers to help people get strong when recovering from certain accidents and illnesses that inhibit their ability to move properly without pain. A fickle business is that of physical fitness. Stair steppers, like most equipment, fall in and out of style as years go by. But steppers always manage to make a comeback because they are incredibly effective at offering a good cardio workout, toning the butt, hips, thighs and legs and burning fat.

Many people find this to be a “less boring” way to exercise than some other cardio machines. Unlike exercise bikes, you're standing while doing the motions. And it requires less coordination than treadmills. Some gym goers worry that they'll trip and fall on a treadmill, but your feet never leave the pedal of the stepper, so balancing is easy. When working out on the stepper, use a full range of motion. Take your legs up fully and extend them fully on each repetition. Getting a full range of motion through the exercise is more beneficial than going fast. Speed will come as your body adjusts to the exercise. Also, avoid resting your body weight on your arms on the hand rail while stepping. Allow your legs to do the work to get the most out of your workout.

Always talk to your doctor before you start a new exercise program. While physical fitness is an important goal for everyone, certain people with medical problems need to exercise in a special way or limit their motions when exercising. Only your doctor can give you the okay to begin fitness on stair steppers or any other gym equipment. Plan to spend at least 20 minutes three days per week on your workout with the stepper. Add strength training with weights to get the muscle and bone building benefits of weight bearing exercises. If in doubt, ask your trainer how to get the most out of your stepping exercises.