SPRI prides itself on being the professional choice for top quality fitness and exercise equipment. SPRI specializes in designing and producing rubber resistance exercise products. Many other manufacturers, other than SPRI, don't offer these innovative fitness and exercise products. This, unfortunately, has resulted in many people being unaware of how effective rubberized resistance workouts can be. SPRI strives to design and create state-of-the-art resistance exercise products, and to offer them to the ever-growing market, in order to popularize this valuable and unique form of exercise.

The dedication SPRI shows to rubberized resistance exercise is often misunderstood because this is not one of the most universally understood or practiced forms of exercise. The truth is,not only is resistance exercise of the type provided by SPRI equipment very effective, but it incredibly simple and very convenient. Rubberized exercise equipment is designed to be used from home and easily stored in a private residence. Also, the resistance products produced by SPRI are great ways to increase strength while toning and building leaning muscle tissue. Whether you are looking to get stronger, leaner, or to lose weight, rubberized resistance exercise products from SPRI can help you reach your goals.

SPRI remains dedicated to promoting overall heath and fitness. To help further that aim, they are always looking to broaden their product line. Currently, SPRI offers such unique and often overlooked fitness products as medicine and exercise balls, balance trainers, exercise mats, specialty strap and contour weights for use while running or walking. SPRI is continually expanding; however, it will never loose its dedication to popularizing the value of resistance exercise.