Recumbent Exercise Bikes

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Endurance B2.5R Recumbent Bike by Body Solid
MSRP: $2,570.00
Price: $1,649.99
You Save: $920.01 (36 %)
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B2R Recumbent Bike
Endurance B2R Manual Recumbent Bike by Body Solid
MSRP: $1,275.00
Price: $914.99
You Save: $360.01 (28 %)
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B3R Recumbent Bike
Endurance B3R Recumbent Exercise Bike by Body Solid
MSRP: $3,200.00
Price: $1,989.99
You Save: $1,210.01 (38 %)
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Aristo Commercial Recumbent Bike CR-1
MSRP: $4,350.00
Price: $3,399.99
You Save: $950.01 (22 %)
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Kettler Axos Cycle R Recumbent Bike
MSRP: $699.00
Price: $599.99
You Save: $99.01 (14 %)
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Kettler Giro R Recumbent Bike
MSRP: $799.99
Price: $699.99
You Save: $100.00 (13 %)
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Kettler Golf R Recumbent Bike
MSRP: $1,679.00
Price: $1,499.99
You Save: $179.01 (11 %)
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Kettler RE7 Recumbent Bike
MSRP: $2,699.00
Price: $2,299.99
You Save: $399.01 (15 %)
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Light Commercial Recumbent Bike by Fitnex
MSRP: $2,755.19
Price: $2,599.99
You Save: $155.20 (6 %)
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Recumbent exercise bikes are probably one of the most used pieces of equipment in the gym. They provide a gentle, steady and customizable workout ride for athletic levels of all kinds. Next to treadmills, recumbent exercise bikes are used heavily by both beginner and advanced athletes. Doctors will sometimes recommend these types of bike and exercise equipment tools for people who can’t or shouldn’t perform any intense routines for a time period. Individuals who are nursing an injury and need to take it easy also heavily use the bikes.

The bikes are great for injuries because it provide low impact to the joint and muscle areas, so the user is very unlikely to experience additional pain or swelling from using this piece of equipment. The bikes are also upright, meaning that the individual won’t need to hover over or bow over the machine in order to get a good workout. Just by riding the recumbent exercise bikes in a natural, steady motion, a person can get in a full, thorough workout without injuring or over taxing their joints or muscles.

Another big benefit and draw to users who are fans of recumbent exercise bikes is the “hands free” option that the bike gives them. They can read a book (using both hands), talk on the phone and even watch television while they’re exercising. Also, with the comfortable bucket seats that are on the recumbent bikes, the user doesn’t have to worry about back strain or pains while their doing a workout.

Recumbent bikes are a unique option for those looking to keep in shape by riding a bike. Recumbent bikes give you a different workout and feel than a standard stationary bike. Unlike standard bikes, recumbent bikes let you sit back in a large, comfortable seat as you work out. This makes recumbent bikes both incredibly comfortable and very stable. Recumbent bikes give so much support for your torso that you can focus entirely on the exercise without worrying about balance or stiffness in the back. Also, recumbent bikes force you to use your muscles and not just your weight to move the pedals as they are located out in front and not beneath the body. Standard bikes tempt a rider to use the upper body and motion to power through tough moments in a ride; recumbent bikes force targeted muscles to do all the work, making it more difficult to cheat. Don't waste all the effort you put in to working out by minimizing the benefits. Buying recumbent bikes in place of standard stationary bikes will ensure that you get the most for your exercise effort without requiring that you constantly monitor your form. Don't break the bank just to shop for recumbent bikes, however. Here at Home Fitness Equipment we have the best recumbent bikes at the lowest prices, so buy from us and save!

A stationary recumbent bike is one of the very best ways in which you can lose weight and get in shape out there today. They are great fun too, with most users reporting that they felt much better and much more refreshed after spending time in a workout on them. The features that come with the wide variety of stationary recumbent bikes these days is almost mind boggling, with TVs and other such luxuries often built in to the very top end of the ranges. But what do they do for you when it comes to your health and fitness? The first thing you have to et used to is the fact that it is nothing like a normal exercise cycle, at least in one major aspect, that of looks. This machine sits every low to the ground indeed, and you may even feel a little uncomfortable using one at first. This is because while it is low to the ground it has a bucket type seat or saddle attached it, so you feel even lower to the ground when you are finally comfortable. This is all good stuff, and it only really means that the incredibly versatile stationary recumbent bike is built entirely for comfort first and foremost. You will get used to it, and when you do then you can get started getting the very bet physical benefits for the machine. Once you are on the bike you sit down in the seat and then you start to make moves towards adjusting the bike for comfort. This means thinking about whether you want to sit more forward or more backwards in the seta. This is important because if you do not get this bit right you could find yourself feeling rather uncomfortable in the long run as you start to use your machine more.

Then the next step is to get used to actually using it for the main purpose for which it was built. Ad that is to get some exercise out of it. This means making sure, first of all, that you can fully extend your legs to reach the pedals on the piece of apparatus. This is absolutely crucial, because if you do not get this tight, you can literally damage your legs through the muscles being overworked. This could cause severe long-term damage to your legs and untold damage to the muscles inside them. So get this bit perfect, and make sure that you are able to extend your legs so that you are comfortable on the new stationary recumbent bike. Once that is sorted out, take the time to get on with learning about the features of the machine. This means getting to know all of the programs and settings that the bike has and fine-tuning the machine so that it is ore responsive to your needs when it comes to exercise. This should not take you too long to do, and before you know it you will be enjoying fantastic levels of exercise.