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Powerhouse Gym Equipment

Powerhouse Gym EquipmentRegular gym memberships are just one way to meet your fitness goals, and for many just beginning to exercise regularly it is a great way to get access to tons of equipment and glean motivation from being around others. But after you've been working out regularly for awhile, the drive to the gym and waiting for equipment to be free gets old. At this point, it is time to look into investing in gym equipment for your home. For the cost of a few months of gym membership fees such as those at Powerhouse, gym equipment can be purchased for the home. Then, you have access to the gym 24/7, and everything is already paid for!

There are many types of home gym equipment to choose from. Just like at Powerhouse, gym equipment for the home includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowing machines, exercise bikes, dumbbells, resistance training machines, weight benches and the like. You can actually get the same quality of gym equipment for the home that is available to commercial gyms. Though commercial gyms are full of so many pieces of equipment, it's hard to decide what you do and don't need in the home fitness center. Basically, cardio training, strength training and ab workouts are the basic essentials of any gym – and all the machines in your local gym fall under one of these three categories. While the commercial gym offers several types of cardio training (treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, etc), the home fitness center needs only one.

Also at Powerhouse, gym equipment for strength training is varied. Dumbbells are usually offered in addition to a number of weight machines that work by resistance and use cables and weight pins. These are available in home gyms, and offer a variety of ways to work the upper and lower body. For a full body workout, you need exercises for all of the muscle groups in the arms, back, chest, shoulders, glutes, sides, thighs and calfs. Ab exercises focus on the core muscles, which is made up of fifteen different muscles in the abs and sides. The lower back is another important aspect of core fitness, so include a few exercises to strengthen both the upper and lower back. Some complete home gym systems also offer some type of ab exercises. If not, you can get a great ab workout by purchasing a separate ab machine or by using an incline/decline weight bench for crunches and sit ups. The bench holds your body at an angle, allowing you to get the best workout by using gravity in your favor.

Separate machines and benches are also available to help with isolated exercises, such as the preacher bench for preacher curls, a pull up bar for pull ups, etc. Make a note of all the machines you use at the commercial gym, such as Powerhouse. Gym equipment for the home is available that is just like this equipment, or does the same thing as the equipment in the commercial gym.

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