Pool Dumbells

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Pool dumbbells or water dumbbells are designed to provide two types of workout. You can use water dumbbells on top of the water for strength training, cardiovascular workouts and fitness workouts. Or, you can use them under the surface of the water for resistance training. This allows you to get both the benefits of working out with free weights as well as all of the advantages offered by resistance training machines. It's the best of both worlds! Working out in the water is fun, but it is also less stressful on joints and ligaments than weight training on land. If you have a pool or live near a pool, consider water workouts and water aerobics to get in great shape while having the best time you can possibly have while working out.

Pool dumbbells and water dumbbells are available on the Internet, and are very affordable. You also might want to invest in a flotation belt that will help hold you up and stabilize you while you work out in the swimming pool. Before beginning any exercise regimen, you need to check with your doctor to make sure it's the right program for you. DVDs and other training materials are also available online to help you learn exercises to do in the pool to increase stamina, improve strength, tone, loose fat, build muscle and increase endurance. Once you begin to see the benefits of working out, nothing can stop you. And nothing is more addictive than working out in the swimming pool.