Olympic Dumbbells

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Olympic Dumbbell Handles
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For whole body fitness training in your home gym, consider Olympic dumbbells. Many manufacturers offer them, and each one has features that you'll need to consider before buying. First, think price. Adjustable dumbbells are quite a bit cheaper than purchasing many pairs of individual weights. However, it takes time to adjust them, so it can increase the time it takes you to get in your daily workout routine. Also, there are different shapes available. Having heads that are angled rather than rounded means the dumbbells don't roll around on the floor. This is a safety issue both in professional gyms and in the home gym. Weight racks are also available to keep them up out of the way and safe from tripping someone.

There are also several materials used to coat dumbbells. Some are iron or steel with no coating. These are very durable and last forever, but most weightlifters will need to use weightlifting gloves when using uncoated dumbbells. Urethene, vinyl and neoprene are common coatings used. These coatings come in many different colors, from sleek black to bright pink and everything in between. If you want to up the wow factor of your home gym, consider brightly coated dumbbells that invite a good workout. Olympic dumbbells come in weights up to 100 to 150 pounds, and it is possible to go even higher with some systems. Read product reviews and see what others have to say after using each selection before making your decision.