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Most Effective Home Exercise Equipment

The most effective home exercise equipment allows the user to get a full body workout within a limited amount of space in a reasonable amount of time. There are so many types of exercise equipment to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed at your choices. But these pieces all offer a whole body workout that improves all the basic parts of a good workout – strength, endurance, fat burning and cardio health. For additional training, you need to add stretching exercises to any workout routine. Improving flexibility helps you overall health and reduces the chance of suffering from injuries or acute soreness. It's a good idea to get a thorough checkup before beginning any workout regimen to make sure you're healthy enough for the exercise and have addressed any concerns that the new routine might have on medical issues.

Kettlebells are more than just a fad item. This is an extremely effective workout that can be done in most any level of fitness. Kettlebells exercises have developed over centuries of work with superior world athletes, and is now employed by firefighters, the military, law enforcement and professional athletes around the globe. Yet these same powerful workouts can also be done by mothers getting back in shape after giving birth and obese people trying to loose weight and regain their health. Learn to use kettlebells properly before going it on your own – but they are an effective tool for use in the home gym. Rowing machines are also a full body workout. By engaging both the upper and lower body, rowing machines increase strength and endurance at the same time as they burn excess calories and fat. Rowing machines also need to be used properly to get the most out of the exercise and avoid potential injury to the back.

Elliptical trainers, on the other hand, engage both the upper and lower body while burning calories, but elliptical machines are much easier to work than kettlebells and free weights. A sort of cross between exercise bikes (you also peddle an elliptical trainer) and treadmills, elliptical machines give your heart a workout while conditioning your legs and arms. The key to getting a good workout on an elliptical machine is by using your arms properly during the exercise. Stand straight rather than tilting forward to get the most benefit in your lower body. Free weights are another common and effective type of home exercise equipment. With a weight bench, a set of dumbbells and a barbell with weight plates, you can exercise every muscle in the body. Exercise balls and medicine balls also offer a whole body workout, and this exercise is very gentle on your joints and back. Often prescribed as therapy during rehab, medicine balls help work out your core muscles for increased strength and stability as well as better posture. The right home exercise equipment for you is the type you feel like you're most likely to enjoy down the road when the newness of exercising wears off and you've got a weekly routine to adhere to for maintaining physical fitness.

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