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Luxury Home Gyms

Luxury Home GymsSo, you're in the market for luxury home gyms... Fantastic! Luxury gyms are the perfect addition to your primary residence, but you can also have an elaborate and fully stocked gym in a summer home, on a yacht, in the guest house or wherever else you'd like to offer yourself and your guests the ultimate in physical fitness equipment and recreation. Nothing reduces stress, increases metabolism, wards off depression and lifts the spirits like a great workout. There are tons of machines that you need to consider adding to your workout space. But the absolute essentials are cardio machines, ab workouts and strength training equipment. Here is a list of your options to help you decide what to put in your new luxury home gyms.

A great cardio workout is the centerpiece of health. Lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, burning fat, improving endurance... the benefits are endless. New research is constantly touting the benefits of good, regular cardio exercise. Plan to get machines that you can use comfortably for at least thirty minutes each day, and an hour is much better. Treadmills allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout easily, from a gentle warm up walk to high incline, fast paced training. Elliptical machines and rowing machines engage the entire body in the cardio workout, giving you a great upper body workout as your legs work along. Exercise bikes are available with interactive screens to enjoy biking all over the world in the privacy of your home gym. Any of these machines is capable of giving you the heart healthy cardio exercise you need.

Strength training can be done using resistance machines or with free weights. Free weights include dumbbells, barbells and weighted bars with attachable weight plates. Home gyms that work with resistance utilize cable systems and make changing weight increments a cinch with the simple placement of a pin. If you select free weights, such as dumbbells, you'll want to get a good quality weight rack to store them conveniently. Weight benches include a basic flat bench, incline bench, decline bench, utility bench, multi purpose bench and specialized benches for bicep curls, leg lifts, etc. Plan to have several different weight benches to allow for the best variety of exercises.

Ab machines and ab benches in luxury home gyms are a great way to build a strong core. The body's core is critical for golf, basketball and other sports activities, and also helps prevent back injuries when lifting. Crunches can also be done on decline weight benches. Offer at least four different machines for ab workouts. There are fifteen muscles in the body's core. Provide a way to exercise the lower abs, upper abs, sides and lower back with benches and machines. To round out the gym, consider yoga mats, exercise balls, medicine balls and resistance bands. These offer low impact exercises for flexibility, strength and balance – all critical aspects of whole body fitness.

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