Lamar Recumbent Steppers

Stair steppers are a small but powerful piece of equipment that is used for burning fat and toning up muscles. The Lamar recumbent steppers are an ideal solution for weight loss because of the way it is made to accommodate the user’s body. The recumbent steppers simulate walking or climbing a set of stairs; therefore the body gets a well-designed workout just as it would on a normal flight of steps.

Lamar recumbent steppers use a digital display with workouts that are preprogrammed for the user. With preprogrammed workouts, the user can find a variety of workouts that simulate places or things that he is aware of like landmarks, national monuments, mountains or famous trails. The user can either choose a routine or manually select one that is appropriate for his fitness level. With a manual setup, the user is able to simply start climbing and then later, opt to save his workout and come back to use the routine again.

The Lamar recumbent steppers uses your own body as weight as the resistance needed to achieve results. The pedals on the unit are used to counter-balance the workload by resisting your weight. This not only makes you pedal harder to continue the machine’s function, but it also increases the level of intensity as it reduces the stepping resistance. As the machine counteracts your weight, you’re forced to climb and step more rapidly. This results in your climb becoming more challenging, your heart rate increasing and your muscles working harder. The final result is weight (or fat) loss.

For elderly people and those with injuries, illnesses and other physical problems, recumbent stair steppers offer an easier way to get the exercise you need without adding additional strain on the body. These machines are low impact, putting little stress on joints and the back. These machines are built to be easy to get on and off of, even with delicate backs, hips and other problems. Recumbent steppers are also useful for obese people who do not yet have the stamina and endurance for an ordinary upright stepper. Many rehabilitation centers and physical therapy offices use these machines to help those recovering from accidents and illnesses get stronger and build endurance. However, if you are young and able bodied, you will get more exercise benefits from an ordinary, upright stepping machine.

Stair steppers are popular for many reasons. The low impact is easier on joints and the back. These machines offer great cardio exercise by mimicking the motions it takes to climb a steep flight of stairs. Recumbent models can be quite expensive for home use, and many people find they can get the same benefits by using a portable or mini stepper with a chair. For rehabilitation centers and physical therapy offices, a larger machine is more practical. These machines are made to support the back during exercise. Most are adjustable so people of different heights and sizes can share the same equipment. Some also have arm rests. These are particularly helpful for patients that have difficulty balancing.

A few commercial gyms have begun offering recumbent stair steppers for their senior members. Research has shown – and proves more all the time – that it's never too late to get in great shape. Whether you've exercised your entire life or are just starting a physical fitness routine, exercise is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth. As we exercise, our bodies build muscle, but they also begin to build muscle mass. Eating the proper diet can only go so far in terms of health. Without exercise, it is impossible for our bodies to convert calcium and other nutrients into strong bones. By adding exercise, you can improve your heart health, recover movement and speed from suffering a stroke, gain better control over Type II Diabetes, and tone muscles that have begun to go slack with age.

If you have health problems, you first need to visit your primary doctor before beginning any kind of exercise. Your doctor can tell you what kinds of exercise are okay for you to do, how often you need to exercise and how long each exercise session should be. Some injuries and health problems respond very well to exercise, but others are only made worse. Only your doctor can determine what your injury or illness best responds to. If you have never exercised before, learn how to use the machines like recumbent stair steppers properly. Go slowly until you understand how the machine works and progress at your own pace. Personal trainers and physical therapists are great resources for workouts for people in any physical condition.