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Kettler WORLD TOURS 1.0 Software
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Wouldn’t it be great to actually see and understand your results from a workout? Wouldn’t it make it easier for you to set and achieve your workout goals if you knew where you were and where you needed to be? What if you were able to do something totally fun and entertaining too while you were working out? To be able to enjoy a feature like this, you need to incorporate constructive workout feedback into your routine, like the feedback you get when you use interactive exercise bikes.

These bikes perform a myriad of duties, including both constructive and entertaining for the user. Interactive exercise bikes give the user feedback on their intensity and current session’s goals while they are working out. The bikes will tell you how fast or slow you’re going, what you need to do to achieve your daily goal, what your overall pace is and other key information points. The entire workout time is productive when you use interactive exercise bikes because they take the “guesswork” out of what you’re doing. You can “see” exactly what your status is at all times.

From an entertainment perspective, interactive exercise bikes are completely fun for gamers and serious athletes. Many software programs on these bikes are designed to give the user a feeling of being in competition with other riders, simulate going up and/or down hills and the interaction also of other traffic models on the screen. Video gamers are also fans of these bikes because interactive video games can be played along while they are exercising as well.