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Scott Herman Fitness Beginner Blaster Package
MSRP: $149.97
Price: From $85.99 to $149.99
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Scott Herman Fitness Bench Dumbbell Package
MSRP: $1,675.00
Price: $1,299.99
You Save: $375.01 (22 %)
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Scott Herman Fitness Home Lifting Package
MSRP: $999.99
Price: $737.99
You Save: $262.00 (26 %)
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Scott Herman Fitness Home Package One
MSRP: $112.97
Price: $84.99
You Save: $27.98 (25 %)
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Scott Herman Fitness Home Package Two
Price: From $339.99 to $519.99
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Scott Herman Fitness Starter Gym Package
MSRP: $519.99
Price: From $470.99 to $489.99
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If you're looking for top-quality fitness equipment, you've come to the right place. Take a look around our site and you'll find exercise machines, weights, fitness books, supplements, exercise mats, DVDs and more. We have all the fitness equipment you need to help you in your quest to be healthy and fit.

If you are considering purchasing home fitness equipment, the choices can be a little overwhelming. What home fitness equipment is right for your lifestyle? How can you maximize the time you have available? What sort of results are you looking for and what is the best road to those results? These questions are especially important when you consider that home fitness equipment can be a serious investment in your future health. We've compiled a series of articles to help explain the best uses for several pieces of home fitness equipment.

No matter what you do for a living, everyone in this age shares two common issues: every dime counts and every minute counts. The struggling economy and ever growing job demands leave us needing to make the most out of the little time and money we have left over. These are the reasons that home fitness and exercise equipment have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. People no longer have an hour and a half per day (or more) to take off work or leave the family obligations and fight traffic to wait in line in the local gym. And those monthly fees add up when we're trying to buy gas money to get to work and back each day. The beauty of having fitness equipment in the home is never having to worry about making time for an extra trip or budgeting for membership dues whether you get a chance to work out or not. For a single, one-time investment you can have the equipment at your disposal 24-7 for a lifetime. That's a bargain.

There are literally thousands of products to choose from when it comes to fitness and exercise machines and equipment. Some people prefer yoga mats or aerobics mats that can be folded and put out of the way when the exercise session is over. Others opt for a more elaborate machine, such as a rowing machine or an elliptical trainer. A complete home gym can consist of a machine for cardio workouts, weights or a resistance machine for strength training and some mats for stretches. Other excellent options are resistance bands (some attach to a door and take up virtually no space), weight benches, treadmills, exercise bikes and even boxing equipment. DVDs and instructional materials are an excellent way to make sure you're making the most out of your exercise equipment and are doing the exercises properly to avoid bodily injury.

When you choose to invest in a home gym, time and money aren't the only benefits. You run out of excuses not to go to the gym, so you're more likely to continue doing it. Seeing the equipment in your home each day is a constant reminder of your goals and how to meet them. And parents get the added benefit of setting a good example for their kids. Children who grow up in homes where exercise is a priority are more likely to live healthy, active lives for themselves. This lowers their risk for childhood obesity, diabetes, developing depression, and using illegal drugs. Parents who model how to take care of our bodies inspire kids to take care of theirs, and to associate with friends who respect their own bodies. That's a lot of gain from a simple investment in home fitness and exercise equipment. Take your time to research the available equipment. Decide what equipment you enjoy using and what you might not enjoy after a few months or years. If you find yourself becoming bored with your exercise program, consider adding new and different equipment to your home gym to keep you and your family excited and inspired

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