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Though the American economy has shown signs of trying to emerge from this long lasting slump, the truth is, many Americans are still out of work. Now, more than ever, it is important that we base our purchase decisions not just on the best price of a product, but on how it will help Americans find and keep good paying jobs. Home fitness equipment made in the USA is one way to keep your hard earned dollars in the pockets of taxpaying American citizens. When stocking your home gym, look for the words, “Made in the USA”.

The products made in America are a high quality, but are also designed with safety in mind. No other country in the world has stricter health and safety regulations for products like the U.S. does. Even seemingly small features such as plastic or vinyl coating can reduce the chances of injuries in the home gym. Dumbbell heads that are hexagonal rather than round don't roll around, causing tripping hazards. Wide based weight benches are built for optimal stability when lifting heavy weights. Thick pads are more comfortable, but also offer more support for the back, shoulders and other body parts that are susceptible to injury. Plastic coatings and pads also make the fitness equipment more durable, because dropping and banging that normally occurs in the home gym is padded to prevent nicks, scratches and cracks.

Home fitness equipment made in the U.S.A. is also affordable. It isn't necessary to shop for cheap products made overseas when you're on a tight budget. Many manufacturers offer competitively priced products, and shopping online gives you discounts that are hard to find in local stores. Free shipping makes getting the product online even cheaper than buying locally, because you don't have to spend gas money shopping for your gym equipment or rent a truck to pick up what you buy. The online selection is also far superior to what you can find in local stores, even large chains. Shopping online gives you a vast selection, the ability to compare features and prices and chances to get deep discounts on American made fitness products.

So when shopping for home fitness equipment, go Made in the USA. You'll be doing your part to boost the economy, provide much needed American jobs and also have the best possible variety of equipment that is safe and durable. The manufacturers also pride themselves in offering attractive gym equipment that encourages people to enjoy using it. From floor mats to free weights, cardio machines to complete home gyms, there is a great variety of fitness equipment to choose from – all made in the USA.