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Scott Herman Fitness Beginner Blaster Package
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Scott Herman Fitness Bench Dumbbell Package
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Scott Herman Fitness Home Gym Rack Package
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Too often people spend a lot of money on large and extravagant pieces of home exercise equipment, fooling themselves into believing their guilt over spending so much will force them to use it. Don't make this mistake! On the other hand, you may have some great reasons to buy exercise equipment to help you increase your cardiovascular fitness and stay in shape within the comforts and convenience of your own home. Many people choose to exercise indoors to avoid traffic or bad weather and have privacy. Most frequently people choose to supplement their gym membership with a few critical pieces of home exercise equipment and leave the gym to pickup the tab for the expensive pieces.

If you are just starting to use your home exercise equipment here are a few tips to remember:

  • Start slowly and build up your exercise routine gradually over time. If at first you try to do too much, you can hurt yourself and lose the will to continue your routine.
  • Watch your technique. Poor exercise mechanics leads to overuse injuries such as shoulder problems in people who use cross-country ski machines or knee problems in those who use stair climbers.
  • Remember to do warm-up and cool-down flexibility exercises.
  • If using the equipment is painful, stop and rest for at least a day. Adjust the machine to make your exercise less strenuous.

You don't have to transform your body into an Olympian or a super model in one day. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. By setting realistic, attainable goals you will have a much greater ability to turn these new exercise routines into habits! And once they become habit, working out will no longer be work, instead it will be a necessity and more importantly it will be fun!!

Home exercise equipment ranges from treadmills to rowing machines to free weights and more. No matter what sort of home exercise equipment you are looking for. You have come to the place to learn about the equipment and to buy it. All of our home exercise equipment is of high quality and very dependable and durable. We have an excellent selection of equipment from the best brands.

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Home Exercise Equipment

Ab Home Exercise Equipment
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Elliptical Trainers

Benefits of Elliptical Trainers
Some of the benefits of elliptical trainers include low impact workouts, full body workouts, weight bearing exercises and a variety of exercise programs to do.

Elliptical Exercise Equipment
Elliptical exercise equipment combines the benefits of hiking, jogging, cross country skiing, and biking.

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Freestyle Elliptical Trainers
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Professional Fitness Equipment Ellipticals
Professional fitness equipment ellipticals are part of a whole body conditioning program that strengthens the core and improves heart health and overall fitness.

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Healthmate Treadmills
Healthmate treadmills are one important way to get exercise that helps your heart, circulatory system and many other aspects of your health and well being.

Healthrider Treadmills
Healthrider treadmills will help you stay active and fit. Enhance performance and get immerse in a sense of wellbeing.

Pet Treadmills
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Top rated treadmills
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Top rated treadmills
This is a short list of the top rated treadmills available on the market today, and it also looks at the top three treadmills.

Treadmills with TV
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Used Treadmills
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Exercise Bikes

Are Exercise Bikes Good for Losing Weight?
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Chain Driven Exercise Bikes
The chain driven exercise bikes are built comfortably and for low-impact riding exercises.

Dual Action Exercise Bikes
Dual action exercise bikes work the upper body along with the lower body for a greater workout and increased intensity.

Exercise Bikes Benefits
Exercise bikes benefits are numerous, including being able to exercise indoors in any weather conditions and an affordable alternative to expensive gym memberships.

Folding Recumbent Bikes
Folding recumbent bikes are also not as heavy or bulky than the non-folding bikes.

Lifecycle Exercise Bikes
Life Fitness makes Lifecycle exercise bikes to be easy to use, comfortable and even entertaining because these things help people stick to their exercise programs.

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Stairmaster recumbent bike
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Rowing Machines

Do Indoor Rowing Machines Build Muscle?
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How to Exercise Using Indoor Rowing Machines
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Water Rower Indoor Rowing Machines
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Stair Steppers

Metal Stair Steppers
Metal stair steppers come in several types and styles ranging from the mini stepper that is portable to full size machines packed with features.

Mini Stair Steppers
For small places where large equipment doesn't work or for traveling with your exercise equipment, mini stair steppers are a fantastic option.

Portable Stair Steppers
Portable stair steppers offer the same benefits as a full size stepper machine, including a great low impact cardio workout.

Stair Climber
A stair climber gives you a workout like few other machines can.

Steppers for Aerobics
Steppers for aerobics allow you to gain great exercise benefits while having fun doing its