Hampton Kettlebells

Hampton weight training equipment is popular in both professional gyms and home gyms. Hampton kettlebells, dumbbells and other equipment are designed to be user friendly and attractive. When the gym looks nice, people want to come back. A large part of enjoying a fitness routine is making it easy, fun and attractive. Kettlebells are gaining in popularity, and are great for both beginning trainees and professional athletes. The classic Russian design looks great, and the urethane coating makes it attractive and durable. They are offered in weight sizes from five pounds up to 100 pounds. This covers everyone from the beginner to the advanced user.

If you're offering kettlebells for use in your gym, you'll also want to offer some training. Kettlebells are a powerful training tool, but in inexperienced hands can also be dangerous. Consider offering training by a personal trainer or in group training sessions. Or, offer DVDs and videos that explain how to use them properly. This can help reduce injuries and liability in the gym. Kettlebells are also for use in the home gym. Just as you would if you went to the local gym, getting the proper training is important when you're exercising in the privacy of your home. Once you learn the basic exercises, keep a handy chart on the wall of the gym to refer to during your workouts. This helps you remember the proper form and all the exercises you can do.

Hampton products are also low maintenance. Made to endure the rigors of the busiest gyms, these kettlebells are designed to last. Hampton also makes dumbbells and kettlebells in many colors for both men and women to use and enjoy. Designed for safety, Hampton products are appreciated in the gym environment for these reasons. Be sure your gym has adequate room for the use of kettlebells. Make sure your members begin with basic exercises before advancing to more complicated moves. Using this powerful workout tool is different from using any other type of exercise equipment or free weights system.

Kettlebells offer a unique workout because they work all muscle groups at the same time. With free weights, it is almost impossible to get a cardiovascular workout, but kettlebells do this, as well. You can strength train, endurance train and get the benefits of the heart, circulatory and respiratory system all at the same time. Instead of spending hours lifting all types of weights, completing all types of exercises and getting on the treadmill or exercise bike, your members can get the benefits of all these machines and exercises at the same time. Hampton kettlebells are a great way to give your members and potential members what they want – a fast, uncomplicated workout. And for the home gym, they are attractive and durable, built to last you a lifetime of working out and improving your level of fitness in your very own home gym.