Hampton Dumbbells

What sets Hampton dumbbells apart from the rest? Hampton makes dumbbells, kettlebells and other gym equipment that is beautiful. People enjoy looking at it, and they enjoy using it. If you enjoy your workout, you're far more likely to keep it up. Hampton makes their gym equipment fun to use. For the small gym owner, Hampton equipment is easy to maintain. This is critical for keeping exercise equipment up and running. Down time with your exercise machines translates into unhappy customers. The urethane coating on these dumbbells is attractive as well as comfortable to use. It is also tough and durable, lasting through the rough use, and sometimes abuse, that weight lifters tend to put exercise equipment through.

Hampton dumbbells come in attractive colors that look appealing and inviting when guests and members visit your gym. Home gyms also benefit from Hampton products. They offer a full line of free weights that are user friendly and fun and easy to use. Hampton gym equipment is also built for safety. Safe gym equipment doesn't just happen automatically, it takes planning, good design and effort on the part of the manufacturer. Dumbbells are available in sets that offer separate pairs of dumbbells in weight increments, as well as adjustable versions that allow you to simply and easily adjust the amount of weight on the dumbbell during, before or after the workout. Adjustable dumbbells save money as well as space and time, by allowing you to have a single pair rather than an entire set of 15 or more.

Never limit these weights to working out the arms and upper body. Hampton dumbbells are also important tools in lower body workouts, including lunges and squats that can tone, build muscle, increase strength and improve endurance in the lower body and legs. Dumbbells are great for toning and defining the calfs, thighs and butt, as well as strengthening the lower back. Free weights may actually give a better workout for more people than resistance training, because resistance training machines are a set size and shape. For many small and large people, they are unable to perform exercises properly due to the size constraints of the exercise machine. Free weights eliminate this problem, opening up the door to a properly formed exercise for any person who happens into your gym.

In addition to dumbbells, Hampton is also known for their kettlebells. Kettlebells are taking off in the fitness industry, and many gym owners are luring customers by offering this whole body workout. Dumbbells and other free weights work a single muscle group at a time, where kettlebells can work out all the major muscle groups – as well as offer a great cardiovascular workout – at the same time. When stocking your gym or home gym, consider all the tools you can offer your members. Dumbbells, free weights and kettlebells are attractive to today's customers who want to be in on the latest, greatest things fitness equipment has to offer. Also, check the fantastic selection of weight benches to choose from, including flat benches, adjustable benches and incline/decline benches.