Gym Mats
Gym Mats

Gym matsGym mats no longer just belong in the local gym; a home gym can definitely benefit from a quality mat as well. Good gym mats offers comfort and support for a huge variety of exercises and athletic activities. Our gym mats come in a large variety of sizes and thickness. Whatever your activities - yoga, gymnastics, wrestling, judo and other martial arts, or even just a comfortable post-workout nap – Home Fitness Equipment has quality gym mats at low prices that fit you needs. All our gym mats are easily folded up, either for simple storage or for easy transportation. Keep clean and comfortable when you work out. Pick from our wide selection of gym mats and rest assured that you purchased a fine piece of equipment at a great deal!

Fitness Videos
Fitness videos can be very motivating. Some of the best fitness videos make you feel like you are actually there, working out with everyone in the video! We have a great variety of fitness videos for you to choose from.

Weight training equipment
The right weight training equipment can really help you get into shape. Some people who are trying to lose weight or get into shape focus solely on their aerobic workouts. But to really maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to do weight training, as well.

Pilates Equipment
Great pilates equipment can improve your pilates workout. Whether you want to start with basic pilates equipment, like a pilates ball, or if you are interested in more advanced pilates equipment, like a pilates trapeze table, we are the place to find it.