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Golds Gym Weight Benches

The first Gold's Gym was opened by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California over 45 years ago. Today, over 600 Gold's Gym locations help people from all walks of life meet their personal fitness goals in 40 of the United States, in over 30 countries worldwide. Millions of people have found their personal strength with the committed, dedicated, passionate trainers at Gold's Gym. Weight benches and other equipment at Gold's is top of the line. Gold's Gym offers many amenities to their members, including weight training, cardiovascular fitness training, muscle endurance training, yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts and pilates. At Gold's, anyone is welcome to pursue their inner strength. Whether you're a new mom trying to loose baby weight, an athlete looking to better your performance, someone trying to overcome a disability or want to train to run a marathon, the trainers at Gold's Gym are ready, trained and willing to help.

Taking on a new fitness program is a commitment. Aside from the right equipment, you also need the right personal trainer who can offer information, guidance, support and encouragement. If you aren't planning to join a gym, consider creating one in your own home. Equipment is available to build a home gym affordably and using very little space. Just the corner of a bedroom or the garage is an excellent place for a home gym. A home fitness center is great for those who can afford one and who have the space to keep it. If not, don't be discouraged. Just like at Gold's Gym, weight benches and a simple set of free weights are the basic tools for any workout program.

In addition to a weight bench, you'll need a set of dumbbells. If you wish, you can also invest in a barbell with attachable weights. To save money and space, consider adjustable dumbbells that you can add weight to and remove weights from easily, making it unnecessary to buy and store a large collection of dumbbells. There are many types of benches, including flat weight benches, incline weight benches, preacher benches and others. Make sure the weight bench is wide enough to provide adequate stability while lifting heavy weights. Some benches also offer leg attachments so you can use the same bench for working both the upper and lower body.

Cardiovascular exercises are also an important part of overall fitness. Treadmills, row machines, stationary bikes and other machines are available for cardiovascular workouts. You can also get these results from walking, jogging or running outdoors, swimming at the local pool and other activities. But you'll need to plan for something to do when the weather isn't suitable for outdoor activities, or a cold or rainy spell can derail all your good plans and intentions. Many people achieve their weight loss and strength training goals at Gold's Gym. Weight benches and a set of free weights can help you accomplish these same goals in your very own home gym. This is a great investment for singles, couples, families and workout partners that enjoy improving fitness levels together.

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