Food & Fitness For Kids

Food & Fitness For KidsEating healthy meals and exercising on a regular basis can help to keep you healthy in a lot of ways. First, when you stay in good shape you have more energy to do the activities that you love. Also, by eating nutritious meals you are less likely to get sick. Even when your friends are sick and have colds, with a healthy immune system you will be more likely to stay strong. When you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables you are more likely to have healthy hair and skin. A kid who makes sure to eat healthy and get enough exercise is taking steps toward leading a long, healthy life. The following explains more about nutrition as well as the importance of exercise.

Nutrition Basics

By eating healthy foods now, you are improving your odds for a healthy future. For instance, drinking plenty of milk helps to build and strengthen your bones. Eating vegetables helps the body in a lot of ways! For example, green vegetables contain iron, calcium, and vitamin A. These nutrients build help your immune system and make your bones stronger. Green vegetables also help to keep your heart healthy. Carrots contain nutrients that help you to see better and can make you less likely to get cancer. Nutrients such as potassium found in bananas help you to have a healthy heart. Each fruit and vegetable has its own particular vitamins and minerals to offer. When you eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and other healthy foods you are absorbing nutrients that have the power to keep you healthy and strong.

Nutrition Games

Learning about nutrition doesn’t need to be boring! Games and activities are great for learning about healthy foods. By taking a simple quiz on nutrition, you can test your knowledge of what foods to eat to stay healthy. Puzzles, word searches, and even bingo can make learning about nutrition exciting and fun!


You don’t have to go to a gym to get some good, healthy exercise. In fact, there are many ways that you can exercise every day. For example, walking the family dog around the block a couple of times is a great way to get some exercise. Also, if you wait for a school bus in the morning, you could do twenty or thirty jumping jacks while waiting. Plus, if it is cold out, this exercise is a great way to warm up. Running around on the playground with friends, swinging on the swings, or playing a jumping game, are all fun and easy ways to get exercise.

Benefits of Exercise

Even easy exercises are beneficial to your health. For example, cartwheels are easy exercises to do and can be done in your backyard or in another open, grassy area. Jumping rope is another easy exercise you can do. These exercises raise the heart rate and help you to maintain a healthy weight. Many sports activities are done with others and can be used as a way make new friends while staying in shape. Running, hopping, and jumping exercises help to improve balance as well as flexibility. Another benefit of exercising is that it helps give a boost to your brain power. When you exercise, it raises your heart rate and stimulates thinking. When you do any sort of exercise that raises the heart rate, you are benefitting both the body and the mind!