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Exercise has always been a part of life. The number of people who have set up a regular exercise schedule is rising. Many reasons are behind this, such as the desire to lose weight and the advances in home fitness equipment. A good workout incorporates three basic types of exercise. Flexing is the least strenuous, focusing on stretching the muscles and joints. Aerobic exercise increases endurance, enhances heart strength and helps you to stay independent. Finally, anaerobic exercise, or strength training, focuses on building muscle and improving muscle strength.

Anyone beginning to exercise should start slowly. Adjust your body to exercising daily, then begin to push your limits to increase your stamina and strength levels. Doing too much too soon can result in joint pain, soreness and a strong desire to avoid doing any more exercise for at least the next couple of weeks. Over-exercising can cause a loss in performance, problems with your circulation up to and including a stroke, and even psychological alterations such as feelings of depression.

Exercise is most effective when it is done in half-hour increments, at least four times a week. However, any time spent exercising is better than time spent sitting around, whether that exercise is weight lifting, martial arts, swimming or even going for a long walk.

Targeting specific areas, such as abdominals or thighs, is the reason most people take up exercise. While performing exercises that target the selected area, losing the fat that covers it is still essential. Concentrating on aerobic exercises to burn off the exess fat will let your muscles show through and dramatically increase the results of your exercise schedule. However, exercise centered around one particular area of the body will not shed fat from that specific area. Fat loss occurs throughout the body, so the best solution for targeting a specific area is simply to lose weight.

How do you stick with your exercise routine? It's a question that has stumped many people, up to and including athletes, but here are some ways to make sure you keep exercising. First, make exercising enjoyable. Listen to music while you exercise, or watch your favorite TV program. Also, choose some time during the day where you are comfortable with exercising. If you're too tired or too stiff, exercising won't be as fun. Finally, exercise with someone else, and make sure to change your routine if you start becoming bored.

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