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Fitness Gear Home Gyms

You can get the same results from the workouts at Fitness Gear in home gyms. All you need is the right equipment and a can-do attitude. While memberships at a local fitness center are attractive because there are so many machines and everything is so nice and new, what many people don't account for is the long term cost. For about the amount of money it takes to join a fitness center for one year, you can own all the equipment you want and need for a lifetime of health and great fitness. If money is an issue, you can start with a few basic pieces and gradually build the home fitness center until you have all the bells and whistles. By shopping online, you can find great discounts on home gyms, weight benches, free weights and many other pieces of equipment you need.

Fitness Gear and home gyms can have many of the same machines. A basic gym consists of a weight bench, weights and cardiovascular exercise equipment. A more elaborate setup might include a home gym that operates by resistance. These machines are popular in fitness centers because it encourages proper form and is easy to adjust for different weights. Using dumbbells and barbells requires users to add or remove heavy weights to the bars. With resistance machines, a simple pin operation permits users to adjust the amount of weight for any given exercise from approximately 5 pounds up to several hundred pounds. These machines are valuable to people who share gym equipment with others of different strengths and fitness levels.

Free weights can also be used to get a workout worthy of Fitness Gear in home gyms. With dumbbells and a flat bench, you can exercise all the major muscle groups. Use the bench for bicep curls, tricep exercises and ab workouts. While standing, you can get a great lower body workout by incorporating squats, lunges, etc. A cardio workout can be as simple as jumping rope or as advanced as an interactive exercise bike that uses audio and video to enhance the workout and improve motivation. Incline benches and decline benches let you up the intensity of almost any exercise using free weights. Leg presses, ab machines and other equipment can also be used in the home gym, just like at Fitness Gear or any of the other local gyms you may have seen advertised.

Before beginning any exercise program, you should get an okay from your personal physician. If you have previous injuries or a health condition, your doctor can advise you on steps to take to reduce the chance of further injuries or other health problems. Diet is also a major factor in improving your level of fitness. Ask your physician what kind of diet is best for your physical condition and the goals you are trying to achieve. Some people cannot get the nutrition they need by diet alone. Supplements are available to give your body adequate protein, nutrients and minerals necessary for healthy weight loss, building muscle mass and maintaining proper hydration. Having a fitness center in your own home is a huge stride in achieving the health and fitness goals you set for yourself and your family.

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