Endurance Cardio T6iHRC Treadmill
Endurance Cardio T6iHRC Treadmill

Endurance T6i Treadmill with Heart Rate Control

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Put fitness on your schedule. Fit exercise into your lifestyle. Achieve endurance
in your home.
Endurance treadmills are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial
health club equipment. Compare the features of these extraordinary machines, and you'll
discover the qualities that make Endurance the premier name in home cardio fitness:
Try to find a better treadmill or a more efficient workout, and you'll end up at the gym.
These exceptional treadmills are built to challenge you to a lifetime of cardio fitness
that fit your schedule, your lifestyle... your home.

Endurance Cardio T6iHRC Treadmill

Athleticism sprints past restlessness with the Endurance T6iHRC

Home is where the heart health is when you set the pace with the Endurance
T6iHRC Treadmill. With 20 pulse-pounding workout programs at your fingertips,
you'll excel in your workout objectives as you achieve maximum cardiovascular
With all the top features of our finest treadmills, including heart rate control, the
Endurance T6i makes an ideal choice for people serious about their workouts
and dedicated to their achievable goals.
The Endurance T6i is built according to demanding specifications and standards of
professional health clubs, offering you the freedom and convenience to achieve a
world-class workout in your own home.
Best of all, you'll program an efficient, fluid session every time you work out,
whether your focus is weight loss, endurance or speed.
Try to find a better treadmill or a more efficient workout, and you'll end up at the
gym. The Endurance T6i is built to challenge you to a lifetime of cardio fitness and
keep your finger on the pulse of peak physical conditioning.

Reasons for choosing the Endurance T6iHRC

For serious runners and committed cardio fitness devotees, it takes a club-quality
treadmill to meet the demands of their varied workouts while ensuring a lifetime
of cardio fitness in their homes.
The Endurance T6iHRC is a solidly built, top quality machine designed to provide
enough flexibility and range of programs to keep even the most driven enthusiasts
completely challenged, motivated and satisfied by their daily workout regimens.
The ergonomic display of the Endurance T6i keeps you focused, interested and
moving towards your targeted goal, while 20 fitness programs designed by
top fitness professionals will keep you striding towards an unprecedented
level of cardio health.
Smart investments pay dividends for a long time. Buying and using a treadmill
can be an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, manage
your weight and burn calories. However, all treadmills are not created equal.

Take total control of your workouts with the Endurance T6i!

Compare the features of the Endurance T6i, and you'll discover how quality
components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the
best warranty in the industry combine to make Endurance the premier name
in home cardio fitness.
  • Rigid Steel Frame Construction. Heavy-duty 2" x 3" and 2" by 4" steel frame
  • construction delivers a rock-solid platform for hardcore cardio workouts.
  • The Endurance T6i is built to withstand constant pounding and jarring.
  • Lifetime Tread belt and Shock Absorbent, Low Maintenance Deck. Unlike
  • other brands, Endurance tread belts are guaranteed for life. Plus, our ultra low
  •  maintenance phenolic deck employs a SRS (Suspended Running Surface)
  • design supported by a multi-point shock absorption system.
  • Extra Thick and Durable Tread Belt. Multi-ply tread belts are fusion-seamed
  • for strength, flexibility and smooth travel over the phenolic deck. Unlike other
  • brands,  Endurance tread belts are guaranteed for life.
  • Powerful Motor. Endurance motors are designed to exceed horsepower and
  •  performance standards for home-use treadmills. Each motor is protected by
  • P.W.M. (Pulse Width Modulation) technology and air-cooled for efficient
  • performance. The integrated circuit breaker protects the motor and control boards
  • from power surges.
  • 3-Window Profile Matrix LED display provides you with an interactive conduit
  • to the efficiency and monitoring of your workout, including Heart Rate Control
  • (with included heart rate strap), elevation, time, distance, speed and calories burned.
  • The user-friendly console also helps you keep your workout interesting and effective.
  • Large Diameter Crowned Rollers. Casehardened steel rollers feature a large diameter
  •  design with a wide-radius crown to drastically decrease wear, substantially increase
  •  surface contact and provide superior belt tracking.
  • Family-Friendly Safety Keys. Endurance treadmills will only operate when the
  • safety key is engaged on the control panel. This gives you the ability to instantly
  • shut down operation if you need to.
  • Quiet Performance. The Endurance Poly-V Belt Drive System delivers an amazingly
  • quiet workout experience, allowing you to watch TV or read a book without being
  •  distracted by machine noise.

The advantages of using the Endurance T6iHRC

20 pre-programmed fitness courses have been developed by professional trainers
and fitness experts to deliver superior cardiovascular workouts and fast results. To
further complement your workout, each of these programs features three user levels
at progressive levels of intensity.
  • Heart Rate Control is almost like having your own personal trainer, empowering
  • you to maximize your workout results. The Heart Rate Control program will
  • monitor your heart rate and automatically adjust to maintain your targeted zone.
  • Cardio Training is the first step to a healthier heart, enabling you to strengthen
  • your entire cardiovascular system.
  • Endurance Training can help you fight fatigue in your daily routines, improve your
  • overall mood and develop a healthy, fit appearance.
  • Fat Burning programs are designed to help you quickly reduce your waistline
  • and develop a fitter, trimmer physique.
  • Walking Workouts are ideal for beginners and older users, offering lower
  • intensity levels that still yield excellent results. Plus, mild elevation changes
  • simulate walking outside.
  • Interval Training combines the aspects of endurance training and cardio training
  • with various inclines and speeds. For many, the variable nature of such a
  • workout eliminates frustrating fitness plateaus.
  • Running and Manual Programs offer user-controlled speed and incline adjustments
  • to help you maximize your sessions... from leisurely pace to heart-pounding race
Health Spotlight... Treadmill Exercise Suppresses
Appetite, Controls Weight Loss, Study Suggests
A new study suggests that 60 minutes of aerobic exercise on a treadmill is more
effective in suppressing the urge for food than 90 minutes of weightlifting.
The research involved 11 male university students who participated in three types of
sessions. In one, they ran for 60 minutes on a treadmill and then rested for seven hours.
In another, they did 90 minutes of weight lifting and then rested for 6.5 hours. In the
third session, they did no exercise.
The participants received two meals during each session and also reported their
hunger levels at various points during each session. The researchers measured the
level of two major appetite hormones: ghrelin (which stimulates appetite) and peptide YY
(which suppresses appetite).
Ghrelin was discovered in Japan only 10 years ago, and Peptide YY was discovered by
scientists less than 25 years ago.

The results of the study showed:

  • Running on a treadmill for 60 minutes lowered Ghrelin and increased Peptide
  • YY levels, both linked to suppressing appetite
  • Lifting weights for 90 minutes also caused Ghrelin levels to decrease, but there
  • was no significant change in Peptide YY levels
While both types of exercise suppressed hunger, aerobic exercise resulted in greater
suppression of hunger. The appetite hormone effects of both types of exercise lasted
for a few hours. The findings were published online in the American Journal of Physiology Ã
Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.
"The finding that hunger is suppressed during and immediately after vigorous treadmill
running is consistent with previous studies indicating that strenuous aerobic exercise
transiently suppresses appetite," senior author David J. Stensel, of Loughborough
University, said in an American Physiological Society news release.
He said the findings may lead to the development of more effective exercise to help
control weight.

Endurance T6i Treadmill is designed with 3-Window Profile Matrix LED display that monitors your workout and it includes a Heart Rate Control (with included heart rate strap). Safety Key Stop System is build to ensure the safety of the user which instantly shuts down the machine if needed. With the Endurance Poly-V Belt Drive System, enjoy a noise-free workout. The motor has a heavy duty P.W.M. (Pulse Width Modulation) technology that can be used by up to 300 pounds user. And with the lifetime guarantee it makes such a reasonable thing to buy.


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