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Dumbbell Weight Benches

Dumbbell Weight BenchesThere is an enormous number of exercises you can do using a dumbbell weight bench. Many varieties of weight benches are available to accommodate the exercises you want to do. From a simple flat bench to an entire home gym station, the variety is almost endless. While dumbbells are most associated with upper body workouts for the chest, biceps, triceps, upper back and shoulders, many exercises using a set of dumbbells and a weight bench can work the lower back, calfs and legs, too. Free weights are preferred by most athletes and serious competition weight trainers over resistance training machines for several reasons.

First, free weights require the smallest muscle groups to work with larger muscle groups to balance the free weight during training. Second, the size and shape of a resistance training machine sometimes causes very small people or very large people to do the exercises incorrectly. Free weights allow a person of any size to complete any exercise using proper, optimal form. Third, free weights allow you to replicate movements specific to a sport. If you are weight training for golf, football, basketball, baseball or another particular sport, with free weights you can replicate your swings, throws and other moves. This is virtually impossible using resistance training machines. Workout routines can shave yards off your golf drive, give you better endurance for running the court and provide you more power and speed for hitting balls and running bases.

Learn to get a full body workout for every muscle group using a weight bench and a good set of dumbbells. Many of these exercises can be done using nothing but a set of dumbbells and a flat weight bench. Dumbbell weight benches are also available in adjustable models, incline/decline weight benches, utility benches, preacher benches and combo weight benches. Some benches come complete with a dumbbell rack to neatly store your set under the bench, saving tons of room in your home gym. Or, consider a separate rack that fits neatly and easily along the wall, with plenty of room for storing your weights, kettlebells, medicine balls and other workout equipment.

To work your chest, use flat chest presses, incline chest presses, flat chest flies and incline chest flies. To work the shoulders, use seated shoulder presses, lateral raises, front flies and reverse flies. For your back, use dead lifts, single arm rows and lying bent over rows. To get a complete workout for the trapezoids, use upright rows and shrugs with dumbbells. For the biceps, use decline seated bicep curls, hammer curls, preacher curls and concentration curls. To work the triceps, use overhead triceps extensions, French presses and triceps kickbacks. For the legs, squats, half squats and dumbbell lunges do the trick. For a great workout for your calfs, use single leg calf presses and seated calf raises on dumbbell weight benches. With these basic exercises, you can work all the major muscle groups in your entire body using a minimum of home gym equipment. This saves money as well as space in your small home gym.

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