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Healthmate Treadmills

Healthmate TreadmillsHealthmate treadmills are an important part of any home gym. Though weight training builds strength, treadmills offer cardiovascular exercise that is critical for overall health and well being. Doctors recommend that everyone get at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on a daily basis, and walking is one of the most highly recommended ways to get this exercise. Walking is the best form of exercise for those suffering from lower back pain, and is often prescribed as part of physical therapy for those in rehab for strokes and other ailments. Cardiovascular exercise strengthens the heart, lungs and circulatory system. This exercise is linked with lower risks of heart attacks, heart disease, type II diabetes, depression and anxiety and many other problems. Just a few minutes a day on the treadmill can help most people avoid problems such as these.

Treadmills are a way to ensure that you can get this health boosting exercise any time any day. Many people commit to walking regularly, but the weather conditions soon derail their plans. It's easy to get outdoors during the spring and fall, but many people find it's difficult to exercise outdoors in the brutal heat of summer and in the chilling cold of winter. Healthmate treadmills are offered so that you can get this exercise year round, without fighting the rain, winds, blaring sun, snow or ice. Walking also increases stamina. If you get winded easily, after a few weeks on the treadmill, you'll notice that walking is easier, you have more energy and you're ready to tackle more of life's challenges. Many treadmills offer tools and features to help you build toward your goals and track your progress. One such feature is a heart rate monitor. This allows you to see when you reach your target heart rate for burning fat and for boosting cardiovascular health. Heart rate monitors are also sold separately if your treadmill does not come with one.

When beginning a new exercise program, it's important to start according to your current fitness level and build gradually. That first session might be just fifteen minutes, but getting moving is an important first step. As you are able, add five minutes to your sessions. When you can comfortably complete thirty minutes at a given level of difficulty, begin increasing speed and incline to further build strength and stamina. Always warm up a few minutes before starting to exercise. Do a few minutes of stretching, especially for the lower body. Then walk at a low speed for about five minutes to get your blood pumping and warm your muscles. After you're warmed up, pump up the speed and incline until you're at a challenging rate and your heart monitor reads that you are in the cardiovascular health zone. This valuable exercise on a Healthmate treadmill also blasts fat, so you'll notice looser pants and a lower reading on the scale in a short period of time. Combining this exercise with a healthy diet plan helps you loose weight and build your health at the same time. It's an investment in the rest of your life that you'll always be glad you made.

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