Cateye has always taken a sophisticated, scientific view of working out and exercise. Cateye is a company that urges people to exercise by the numbers, to consider a lot of information about their workout in order to get the bests results. Because of this, the Cateye product line offers some unique attributes and highlights.

Cateye fitness products commonly boast many exclusive features designed to supply users with information about the efficacy and particulars of their workout. These features, many developed by Cateye, are often protected by a number of worldwide patents, and so are exclusive to Cateye equipment.

While Cateye does manufacturer other, more typical types of home exercise equipment, they are perhaps best known for their informational products, such as their pulse monitor or Personal Sports Computer. While pulse monitors have become more and more common on the market, the Cateye Personal Sports Computer is all but unique in the sheer amount of informative options it gives a user. Whether you are biking and looking to keep track of distance, or running with a target heart rate in mind, the Cateye Personal Sports Computer will monitor your physiology, your pace, and your goals, giving you constant updates on all of it at the push of a button.

This same type of empowering information is provided on the exercise systems offered by Cateye. Whether it is their stair climber or treadmill, or one of their many upright or recumbent ergometric exercise bikes, every product manufactured by Cateye stresses providing the user with as much information about their exercise as possible.