CAP Kettlebells

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Black Polished Kettlebells
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Cap Barbell Soft Kettlebell
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There are three types of CAP kettlebells available. For women, the Tone Fitness kettlebells are available in five pounds, ten pounds and twenty pounds. These are attractively colored and coated in vinyl for safety, durability and ease and comfort of use. Men and women can enjoy the black polished versions, available in ten to fifty pounds, in increments of five pounds. Black polished bells are also available in 70 and 80 pounds. Black vinyl coated models by CAP are offered in ten, fifteen and twenty pounds. This gives every level of fitness a great selection.

CAP kettlebells are the best way to get in shape fast. Using them works all the muscle groups in the body, providing cardiovascular workout, strength training, endurance conditioning all in one workout. For the home gym, kettlebells are a great option to dumbbells and other free weights systems that don't offer cardiovascular training. Before beginning these workouts, get proper training. You can learn the correct techniques from a DVD or video, or you can use a personal trainer or attend a group workout session. Failing to use them properly can result in injury. There are a number of different exercises you can do, and with just a few exercises, you can replace tons of different exercises in the home gym. Learn to work out better, faster and with less exercises to perform by adding kettlebells to your home gym or fitness center. They have taken off in popularity, used on weight loss shows, for firefighters and for professional athletes who want to improve their performance.