Building a Home Gym on a Budget

Building a Home Gym on a BudgetFor most people, there is no question that exercise is essential for good health and physical fitness. Unfortunately, not everyone exercises as often as they should if they exercise at all. Lack of money for a gym membership, too little free time, or discomfort exercising in front of others are reasons why some people do not routinely workout. For people who need to get in shape or who want to stay fit, but are unable to do so for whatever reason, it is possible to have a complete workout at home. A home gym can be as simple or elaborate as a person desires. Often the complexity of a home gym is only hindered by space and one's budget. By creating a space to exercise at home, a person can work out when he or she desires without monthly dues, or any of the other inconveniences that come from exercising in a gym.

Exercising with Items Around the House

When a person is ready to create his or her personal place to workout at home, expense may be a concern. Fortunately, even a person with a very limited budget can work out at home without spending any additional money. To do this, he or she would utilize the items that are already in the house. Steps in the home, for example, can be used for aerobic workouts and can take the place of a stair climber or a stepper. If weights are not available, items such as cans, water bottles, or tea kettles may be used. A sturdy chair without wheels, and that is made of material other than plastic, works well for doing exercises that would normally require a bench. In addition to being free of wheels, the chair also should not be a foldable one.

Homemade Exercise Equipment

Another way to avoid buying expensive equipment is to make them at home. While it is not possible to make every type of exercise equipment that's on the market, a person can create some of the basic items that they will need. When lifting jugs filled with water becomes too simple of a workout, empty plastic bottles can be filled with sand, or other materials to make them heavier. Sand bags for lifting takes no special equipment or skill to make. For people who are good at putting things together, more complex equipment can be made at home. Piping and connectors, for example, can be used to create things such as push up bars or a doorway chin-up bar.

Exercising in Limited Spaces

In smaller homes, some apartments and dorm rooms, there may be little available space for a home gym. This shouldn't be seen as a deterrent as there are exercises that can be done without the use of bulky pieces of equipment or the risk of bumping into or knocking over items in home. An exercise ball is a good way to strengthen one's core without taking up too much additional space. Because balancing oneself on the ball is a part of the workout, exercise balls can even be used as a place to sit while doing other things. While the rope used for jumping rope runs the risk of knocking over items, a person can perform this exercise even without it. Yoga is an exercise that requires no more space than what it takes to unroll a yoga mat. A kettlebell takes up little to no space but gives the user a serious cardio and strength workout that burns maximum calories.

Exercise Machines

When adding an exercise machine to a home gym, a person should take their exercise needs into consideration and also the amount of available space. Because exercise machines can be bulky, a person will want to choose a machine that gives them the most thorough workout. Typically, exercise machines are either for strength or cardio. Treadmills, elliptical machines, rowing machines, and stationary bicycles are all examples of cardio machines. Strength machines allow the user to workout his or her muscles with weights.

Rarely do these two types of machines combine, however, it is possible to workout more than one part of the body with a single machine. Elliptical machines, for example, are cardio machines that work out both the upper and the lower body. Upper body workouts, for example, are achieved by using the moveable hand grips. Rowing machines are another type of machine that can fit in a home gym and works out the total body. Not only does it give the user a cardio workout, but it also work the muscles of the body. Strength machines are available as all-in-one systems, which allows the user to perform several different exercises for the upper and lower body. Often these systems use weights, pulleys and a bench. Some home gyms may even have a type of rowing machine attached.