Boxing equipmentMany believe that boxing has been around since the 9th Century B.C., while boxing was first accepted as an Olympic sport in 688 B.C. Over the centuries, the sport of boxing has only become more popular, particularly in recent years. Professionals, amateurs and those looking to increase their fitness levels all participate in the sport of boxing.

Those who engage in boxing, know there are four basic punches: jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Right-handed boxers lead with their right hands, while left-handed boxers lead with their left. Right-handed boxers are generally referred to as orthodox, while left-handed boxers are called southpaws.

In boxing, a jab is a quick straight punch thrown with the lead hand. A cross is a powerful straight punch thrown with the rear hand. A hook is a semi-circular punch thrown with the lead hand to the side of the opponent's hand, while an uppercut is a vertical, rising punch thrown with the rear hand.

Equipment typically used in boxing includes a heavy bag, wraps, bag gloves and jump rope.

Because boxing is a very physical sport, it's vital that participants use the proper equipment to protect themselves. Hand and wrist wraps help secure the bones in the hand. Headgear is used in boxing to protect against cuts, scrapes and swelling. Those participating in boxing should use caution and be aware that serious injuries, brain damage and even death can result from participation in the sport, especially if boxers don't take the proper and necessary precautions.