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Are Exercise Bikes Good for Losing Weight?

Exercise BikesMany people are trying to win the battle of the bulge, and wonder, “Are exercise bikes good for loosing weight?” The answer? Absolutely! In addition to weight loss, exercise bikes can do many other things for you and your body. By elevating your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise, you reach a fat burning zone. At this time, your body is literally converting your body fat into fuel for your exercise. The way our bodies work is by storing excess calories into fat and burning our fat stores when we burn more calories than we take in. To loose weight, you must simply eat less and exercise more. As you exercise for weight loss, a lot of other wonderful things are taking place inside your body. Your heart is getting stronger and healthier. Your muscles are getting more oxygen and becoming more toned and firm. Your lungs are taking in more oxygen, which benefits literally every cell in your body. Your stamina improves, and you soon find that you have more energy for the things you enjoy doing.

What do all these changes translate into? Well, of course you look and feel better. But you've also decreased your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke. You have a lower risk of developing type II diabetes, and if you're already a diabetic you'll find your body is better able to regulate your sugar and insulin levels. If you've suffered from symptoms of depression or anxiety, you'll realize that these are much better very soon. This is due to the happy hormones your body releases during physical exercise. Your body is better able to ward off colds and flu viruses. So, as you loose weight, many other wonderful and rewarding things are going on that will mean a longer, healthier life. Take steps to educate yourself on healthy eating habits to make the very most out of your workouts on the exercise bike.

Begin by committing to riding your exercise bike twenty minutes per day at least three days per week. Schedule these workouts just like a dentist appointment. Having a set time marked on your calendar makes it a commitment. For the first week, don't try to make the workouts tougher than they need to be. Just focus on keeping those legs moving for the full twenty minutes. The second week, you should begin raising the speed of your workouts and gradually increasing the resistance or intensity of the bike. Don't add too much at once. Make a moderate adjustment and stick with it a full week until your body has a chance to adjust. When it's easier, up the intensity or speed again. Soon, you'll realize you look forward to your exercise sessions, and you're quite pleased with how you look in the mirror and feel in your clothes. So, are exercise biles good for loosing weight? Yes. And exercise bikes are great for many other reasons, too. If you're looking for the true fountain of youth, the secret is a lot of peddling, some good eating habits and good, old fashioned sweat.

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